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Questions to Ponder 8

It has been a long time since I last posted an installment of this feature so here are some more thoughts that seem to float to the surface in the middle of the night: If singer Shirley Ellis ever was … Continue reading

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Two for the Money

At this time of the year as Americans and Canadians pause to recognize the contributions of working people, I recall a line spoken in the second act of Macbeth:  “The labor we delight in physics pain,” which in turn reminds … Continue reading

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A Grand Getaway

Secret Getaways, the theme of the August/September National Geographic Traveler, focuses on less-traveled spots in Equator, Europe, Ethiopia, Asia, and Canada, all illustrated with scenic photographs that make those places seem most appealing. Yet the photograph I find most fascinating … Continue reading

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A New Spanish Custom

Like the lament given voice by Three Dog Night, I have never been to Spain, yet Spain comes to me each time I open my medicine cabinet or reach on the kitchen shelf next to the sink. Unlike Jasmine Rice, … Continue reading

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Some Like It Tepid

The July Travel + Leisure can safely be called running hot and cold with visits to Torngat Mountains National Park in frigid Labrador and a brief tour of our fiftieth state. Any traveler who wants to go way up north … Continue reading

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Season’s Pleadings

Most of the unsolicited cards, envelopes, and circulars filling my mailbox have the same address on the label, though few of them have my name on the top line. The new wave of salutations apparently is intended to sound personally … Continue reading

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Crypt of Terror

The financial world seems fixated now with the cryptocurrency, a concept in which the actual means of transfer of funds does not exist in a physical sense. Through a network of computers, consumers purchase something (bitcoins seem to be the … Continue reading

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