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The Way Life’s Meant to Be

From the moment I spotted the 12” x 9” cerulean letters on the floor of a wide booth at an antique mall, I suspected there was going to be a showdown before I left the building on that bright Friday … Continue reading

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Got a Date with an Angle

Nothing in the August issue of Automobile attracted my attention more than an advertisement on page 11 which has nothing whatsoever to do with cars. It was not the “jaw dropping good looks” of the watches on that page that … Continue reading

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Watch Your Step Up

   In a full-page advertisement printed in a local newspaper a bath company invites readers to see, feel, and love cultured stone in any of 60 colors and five styles. The question that immediately comes to mind is “Will any … Continue reading

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At Issue

As if magazines didn’t have enough topics to cover in their glossy, ad-heavy pages, now and then some bright staff members suggest devoting an issue to a specific topic that will catch the attention of the distracted multitude. Recent examples … Continue reading

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He Put the Bop

      “Hi There, High School” was a periodical published by Scholastic Magazine in the 1940s to introduce teens to the ways of academic life in grades 9-12. The 1947 edition included sections devoted to study habits, clubs, traffic patterns in … Continue reading

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Taking the Good with the Bad

It must have occurred to other people as it has to me that sometimes in vernacular English good and bad mean the same thing if used in conjunction with a verb associated with pain or something unpleasant. A notable example … Continue reading

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A Little Knowledge

One of the better-known journals in the field of antiques featured an article intended to enlighten consumers about ten things they didn’t know were collectible. Undoubtedly some readers agreed with the title statement while others scoffed and perhaps even declared … Continue reading

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