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At Long, Long Last

     Consumers who complain about the flimsiness of items purchased in stores can take heart in the handy device that trims nose and ear hair without batteries and is “Built to last forever.” But what if someone does not intend … Continue reading

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As Is-Was-Or Will Be?

     Hardly a week passes without a postcard landing n my mailbox offering to buy my house “as is” for cash. I have received five cards that ask for my attention along with the words “I want to buy your … Continue reading

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What Is In It For Me?

The wording on fronts and backs of cartons, bags, and other packages we purchase often provides useful information to consumers. Sometimes, however, the terms used can raise more questions than answers. Why does America’s Candy Maker make its confections in … Continue reading

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Come Clean

     One of the startling developments in personal grooming appears to be the trend to increase the degree of alcoholic beverages or fragrances into toiletry products, especially soaps. A catalog mailed recently from a company in California offers slabs … Continue reading

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Far from Great

     No doubt residents who have been spending more time inside in recent months have been increasing their knowledge of subjects by ordering DVDs from by a company which provides complete courses in less than 35 lessons. There seems … Continue reading

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Get Shorty

Ask someone this question sometime: “Have you ever been given short shrift?” The likely response will be along the lines of “Once in a department store, but I went back right away and made the clerk give me the right … Continue reading

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Eat Hearty

Shoppers moving carts through the aisles of grocery stores have undoubtedly noticed the words “Heart Healthy” (often arranged inside a graphic heart) on packages. This prominent image is sometimes reinforced by claims of “30% less fat than regular potato chips” … Continue reading

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No Fair At All

Everyone is entitled to grumble a bit over restrictions that have altered lifestyles in recent weeks. Cancellations of proms, graduation ceremonies, parades, concerts, amateur and professional sports, auctions, exhibitions, festivals, and other events have made our lives less than joyous. … Continue reading

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Split Decision

After finishing an article in a magazine, it is only natural that readers want to learn more about the person who wrote the piece. The trend in author bios now appears to be “Don’t’ tie me down” or “Don’t fence … Continue reading

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Look Out and All Around

It is likely that people feeling symptoms of cabin fever in recent weeks might be looking for safe places to visit this summer. Before picking up brochures or consulting travel agents, check out oversized Roadside Americana by Eric Peterson (Publications … Continue reading

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