The Name That Goes with the Title

Because autumn is when automobile manufacturers release their models for the following year, I offer names for models to replace some of the tired brands that have outlived their usefulness. I have also provided a catchphrase after the model name to capture the fancy of car shoppers.

Palaver: The car everyone is talking about

Relief: For a soothing ride

Benison: Owning one is a blessing

Apex: You can’t get any higher

Deposit: Sure to draw interest

Apparition: You have to see it to believe it

Magnet: Sure to attract attention

Trellis: Bound to grow on you

Octave: Above all the rest

Sleuth: Solves your transportation needs

Zeal: For a spirited ride

Ratchet: Tightens your grip on the road

Fulcrum: A car that lets you know where you stand

Pedestal: All others will look up to you

Oblique: Looks good from any angle

Beacon: Outshines all the rest

Crevice: Fills your every need

Orbit: Be seen in the best circles

Boulder: A solid performer

Python: It will grab your attention and won’t let go

Placate: Sure to please

Cravat: For the suave set

Noblesse: Take the high ground

Gallivant: Step out in style

Caliper: Measures up to expectations

Quill: Write your own deal

Glabella: It will hit you between the eyes

Meerkat: Stands out from all the rest

Joust: Challenges all competitors

Palette: Grab hold of a real work of art

Stentorian: Speaks volumes

Panache: Travel with a flair

Vista: The car to be seen in

Cloche: Rings the bell every time

Palindrome: Looks great coming and going

Monarch: Rule the road

Serape: Wrap yourself in luxury

Lariat: One look and you’ll be pulled in

Lagniappe: Loaded with extras

Monocle: Worth looking into

Sunset: Drive one and you’re golden

Linear: Puts it all on the line

Welkin: The sky’s the limit

Abode: The car that feels like home


For the burly, no-nonsense types who want to rent big motor vehicles for hauling bulky items, try finding this company: Truculent


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