A Test for the Ages


Certainly the most intriguing article in the May Maine Antique Digest is “Why Collect?” written by a clinical psychologist who is, not surprisingly, also a collector. What did take me by surprise is a statistic he reported in his coverage of transitional objects: “About 35% of adults in our society still sleep with a stuffed animal.”

I do not question the veracity of the author for he would most certainly not risk his professional reputation by citing a bogus figure in a respected periodical. My astonishment is twofold: What kind of questionnaire was used to determine that fact? What adults would admit they engage in such a childish habit?

I can only surmise the survey took the form of a preferential format like the choices listed below:

  1. In times of crisis, I sometimes a) bite my lip; b) suck my thumb.
  2. For artistic expression I would prefer to a) paint a portrait on a canvas; b) draw a stick figure in chalk on the sidewalk.
  3. The best way to settle a difference of opinion with colleagues is to a) agree to a compromise b) hold my breath until they give in to what I want.
  4. I prefer to get exercise by a) taking a brisk walk in the park b) jumping hopscotch at the playground.
  5. The best use of my time on a rainy day is to a) organize my financial and medical records b) drag my blankie around the house.
  6. I can learn more from a) reading a biography about Abraham Lincoln; b) building a crib for my dolly out of Lincoln Logs.
  7. I am at my most creative when a) thinking outside the box; b) playing in a sandbox.
  8. The best way to deal with the ups and downs of life is a) keep an even disposition; b) get on a pogo stick.
  9. My favorite mixed drink is a) a cocktail with a cherry in it; b) a glass of strawberry milk with two candy canes in it.
  10. I am apt to lose my temper when a) standing in line for a long time; b) standing in the corner during time out.
  11. I frequently need help a) getting out of jams; b) getting out of my jammies.

I contend that adults who sleep with stuffed animals certainly need help, the kind a clinical psychologist can provide.









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