Fie Def

Now that students from kindergartners to collegians are back in classrooms for the fall semester, it is time to post some definitions, explanations, or applications for those who are finding the meaning of life easier than the meaning of all the tech terms and acronyms we encounter in our cyber world:

Avatar: Said when offering someone a cigarette

Big Data: Character in a hip version of Cat on a Hot Tin Roof

Botnet: Device for catching bots

Broadband: Female combo

CDN: Brief farewell when there isn’t time for “Be Seeing You”

Cross-Browser: Angry shopper tired of telling clerks “I’m just looking”

CSS: Female sibling (Similar to BRO) Description of tasty treat eaten in three bites

Dial-Up: Soap on the top tray in the shower

Digital Footprint: Tracks left by people walking on their hands

E-mail bankruptcy: Sending blank messages when nothing says it all

Emoticon: Have just a little bit of e

Extranet: Illegal strategy used by inept goalies

Gamification: Diversionary tactic of wearing short dresses and crossing shapely legs

Hashtag: Label used in delis and restaurants for yesterday’s meat leftovers

Hypertext: Tall Lone State cowboy

i Cloud: Political clarification

j query: Simplified way of asking where Jason is

Kickstarter: Benching ineffective star athlete

Mashup: Sloppy way of playing Mr. Potato Head

Meme: Usual method of tuning up before singing

Meta Search Engine: Report of uneventful date with person holding a loco motive

Netiquette: Proper behavior for the tennis court

Outlier: Unabashed prevaricator

Paradigm: Two of dese, none of does



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