The Plateful Dead 6

While most drivers are pondering over what the combination of seven letters and/or numbers mean on vanity plates, my thoughts are far away as I ruminate about the famous folks no longer with us. Surely in some aery realm the status-conscious who reached earthly heights must be navigating from cloud to cloud or sphere to sphere bearing a badge of identification fore and aft. Look up instead of down and see more plates coming into view right now…

Rudolph Valentino: SHEIK

Grace Kelly: CHIC

Fay Wray: SHRIEK

George Winslow: FOGHORN

David Bowie: ZIGSTAR

Coleen Gray: 1LPLEAS

Monica Lewis: CHIQBAN

Flip Wilson: GERADIN

Robert Mitchum: THUNDRD

Yvonne Craig: BATGIRL

Yogi Berra: FORKNRD

Kitty Kallen: LITTHGS

Bess Myerson: MISAM45

Marvin Milner: ROUTE66

Ray Milland: LNGWKND

Peg Lynch: ETH&ALB

Richard Lane: WHOANEL

Don Adams: WODUBLV

Billy Joe Royal: CHHILPK

Maureen O’Hara: IRSHRED

Judy Carne: SOCT2ME

Ron Moody:  FAGIN

Jack Larsen: JIMYOLS

Patrick Macnee: MRSTEED


Natalie Cole: THSWILB

Evil Knievel: NERVY

Barbara Nichols: CURVY

Marty Ingels: IMFNSTR

Rodney Dangerfield: 0RESPEC

Erma Bombeck: WITSEND

Eddie Albert: GRNACRS

Tony Randall: FELXUNG

Frank Gifford: NUMBR16

Lynn Anderson: ROSGRDN

Sid Caesar: WHHAVBN

Dennis Hoey: LSTRADE

Buck Owens: ACTNATR

Billie Burke: GLINDA

Rosalind Russell: ANTMAME

Benny Goodman: KINGSWG

Imogene Coca: ANTEDNA

Arthur Lake: DAGWOOD

Virginia O’Brien: DEADPAN

Spring Byington: DECBRDE



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