In the Doggerel House 7

Some verses about giving and gifts for the holiday season:

Strongman Donald has quite a gift:
At the circus he gives six girls a lift;
He’s never late for a show, that Don,
He’s always there with belles on.

I wanted to give away my flute,
I knew it would not be a breeze; 
I tried to play off Henny:
“Take my fife—please!”

“Never the less” say those who want it all, 
“Always the more” is the cry of that crew;
They’d like to skip out when the Reaper calls,
But you can’t have your wake and beat it, too.

To write some graffiti in Latin
At a store this month is no crime; 
It would give some wag a chance to add,
“Veni, Vidi, I wasted my time.”

Old Fred hands me photos of Stargell and Mays,
They’re free and they’re real dillies; 
But Fred is a creepy kind of guy,
He gives me the Willies.

A weatherman whose wife was pregnant 
Gave a sample of his predicting powers:
“Are you sure Mom will get lots of gifts?”
“Partly, Sonny, with a chance of showers.”

There are watches now with two faces 
So time can be kept for two places;
To those late here it must bring calm
To know they’re quite early over in Guam.

From a toy shop a madman stole in a bag  
A little hamlet that he put in a 2005 mag;
He rubbed his hands and shouted with delight,
“There’ll be a hot town in the old Time tonight!”

In King’s new work about a very plump dragon
There’ll be a hero named Silas and a picnic even; 
A review this season might begin with the header  
“Good King When Silas Cooked Out on the Beast of Stephen.”





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