The Plateful Dead 5

While most drivers are pondering over what the combination of seven letters and/or numbers mean on vanity plates, my thoughts are far away as I ruminate about the famous folks no longer with us. Surely in some aery realm the status-conscious who reached earthly heights must be navigating from cloud to cloud or sphere to sphere bearing a badge of identification fore and aft. Look up instead of down and see more plates coming into view right now…

John Forsythe: BACHDAD

Donna Douglas: ELLYMAY

Eddie Anderson: ROCHSTR

Jim Ed Brown: 3 BELLS

Claude King: WVRTNMT

Mike Nichols: GRADMAN

Anne Meara: LIZDOYL

Dennis Weaver: MCCLOUD

James Best: ROSCO

Ernie Banks: MR CUB

Charles Schulz: PNUTDAD

Mary Ann Mobley: MISAM59

Edgar Kennedy: SLOBURN

Perry Como: LOVEUSO

Leo Durocher: LIPPY

Dick Martin: BIPPY

Betsy Palmer: IGOTCRT

Jimmy Dickens: TATER

Ben E. King: SPNHRLM

Jayne Meadows: LADYNLK

Lizabeth Scott: 2LT4TRS

Burt Lancaster: ELMGANT

Bonnie Franklin: 1DA@TIM

Joe Cocker: ROCKER

Leonard Nimoy: SPOCKER

Dayton Allen: Y NOT

Lesley Gore: MYPARTY

Hedy Lamarr: DELILAH

Omar Sharif: DOCZHIV

Christopher Lee: DRACRSN

Jerry Tarkanian: SHARK

Verne Gagne: SLEEPER

Ray Walston: UNCMART

Bob Hastings: LT CARP

Eddie Lawrence: OLPHLOS

Joan Rivers: CNWETLK

Perez Prado: PATRISH


Anita Ekberg: SWEDISH

Curtis Lee: ANGEYES

Stan Freberg: DRAGONT

Peter Sellers: CLOULES

Doug Sahm: ABTAMVR

Roger Miller: ENGINE9

Otis Redding: DOCOBAY

Vivien Leigh: SCARLET

Rod Taylor: HGEORGE


Roy Orbison: ITSOVER

Rod Serling: TWIZONE



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