The Plateful Dead 4

Almost every trip to a local store will bring us into contact with vehicles bearing vanity plates. While most drivers are pondering over what the combination of seven letters and/or numbers mean, my thoughts are far away as I ruminate about the famous folks no longer with us. Surely in some aery realm the status-conscious who reached earthly heights must be navigating from cloud to cloud or sphere to sphere bearing a badge of identification fore and aft. Look up instead of down and see more plates coming into view right now…

Billy Holliday: LADYDAY

Phil Everly: ILBGONE

June Allyson: THOSWEL

Frank Fontaine: CRAZGUG

Jerry Vale: ALDILA

Lauren Bacall: BABY

George Lindsey: GOOB

Percy Kilbride: RUBE

Anne Baxter: BOUTEVE

Tennessee Ernie Ford: 16 TONS

Bob Hoskins: VALIANT

Gloria Grahame: NOIRGAL

Efrem Zimbalist Jr.: LUERSKN

Ralph Waite: PAWALTN

Harry Morgan: COLPOTT

Henry Morgan: BAD BOY

Shirley Temple: CURLTOP

Edward G. Robinson: TUFGUYC

Jo Stafford: UBLN2ME

Clayton Moore: HIYOSIL

Jay Silverheels: TONTO

Jesse Owens: PRONTO

Don Zimmer: POPEYE2

Pete Seeger: HADHAMR

Cary Grant: 3JUDYS

Mickey Rooney: HARDY 1

Alan Funt: CANDCAM


Andy Williams: BUTRFLY

Casey Kasem: AMTOP40

Audrey Totter: LADNLAK

Sydney Greenstreet: GUTMAN

Ben Hogan: PUTTMAN

Robert Culp: I SPY

Julie London: ICRYRIV

James Gardner: GRNDPRE

Eva Gabor: LISDOUG

Harold Peary: GILDY

Shirley Mitchell: LEILA

Russell Johnson: THEPROF

Fontella Bass: RESCUME

Eli Wallach: TUCO

Jean Harlow: PLATBLD

Curtis Mayfield: SUPRFLY

Buster Keaton: STNFACE

William Castle: TINGLER

Larry Lujack: SUPRJOC

Joan Fontaine: CNNYMPH

Tony Gwynn: MRPADRE

Marty Robbins: BIGIRON

Michael Jackson: BAD

George Sanders: CAD

Emmett Kelly: SAD

John Wayne: DUKE

Tiny Tim: FLUKE

Jimi Hendrix: PURPHAZ

Christopher Jones: MXFROST

Orson Welles: CITKANE

Bea Arthur: SITCOM

Chester Morris: BOSBLKE

Alan Freed: HITMAKR

Rachel Carson: MUCRAKR

Jack Klugman: QUINCME

Ed Nelson: DRROSSI

Annette Funicello: PINPRNS

Basil Rathbone: SHERLOC

Andy Griffith: MATLOCK

George Plimpton: PAPRLYN

Ann B. Davis: SHULTZY

Eartha Kitt: PURALOT

John Barrymore: JACK

Dale Evans: QUEEN

Clark Gable: KING

Jimmy Doolittle: ACE

Caesar Romero: JOKER

Red Skelton: IDOODIT

Jimmy Dean: BGBDJON

Henry Mancini: MOONRIV

Laurence Harvey: RMATTOP

Eddy Fisher: OMYPAPA

Amanda Blake: KITRUSL

Nigel Bruce: DRWATSN

Patti Page: TNWALTZ

Jonathan Winters: MAUDMAN

Himan Brown: HIGHMAN

Lee J. Cobb: LOMAN

Dan Duryea: TOPHEEL

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