The Plateful Dead 2

     Almost every trip to a local store will bring us into contact with vehicles bearing vanity plates. While most drivers are pondering over what the combination of seven letters and/or numbers mean, my thoughts are far away as I ruminate about the famous folks no longer with us. Surely in some aery realm the status-conscious who reached earthly heights must be navigating from cloud to cloud or sphere to sphere bearing a badge of identification fore and aft. Look up instead of down and see more plates coming into view right now…

Bette Davis: WHADUMP

Harry Carey Jr.: DOBE

Margaret Thatcher: FELADY

Frank Bank: LUMPY

Andy Rooney: GRUMPY

Dale Robertson: JHARDIE

Bil Keane: FAMCRCS

Deanna Durbin: 3SMGRLS


Henry Ford: HSTBUNK

Jean Stapleton: EDTBUNK

Karen Black: 5EZPSEZ

David Frost: TW3

Robert Young: PAKNOWS

Sophie Tucker: HOTMAMA

Margaret Dumont: DOWAGER

Julie Harris: IMACAMR

Ernie Kovacs: NAIROB3

Edie Adams: PICK1UP

Michael Ansara: COCHISE

Louis Armstrong: SATCHMO

John D. Rockefeller: CASHFLO

Frank Nelson: YEESSS?

Eve Arden: OURMISS

Frank Lloyd Wright: SORIGHT

Dorothy Lamour: SARONG

William Bendix: CARILEY

Johnny Maestro: 16CANDL

Tony Martin: IGETIDS

Cyd Charisse: HAVLEGS

Elmore Leonard: BGBOUNC

Rick Nelson: TEENIDL

Phil Silvers: GLD2CYA

Allan Sherman: HIMUDAH

Eydie Gormé: STEV&ME

Jeff Morrow: EXETER

Jack Kervorkian: EXITER     

Gene Autry: BACNSDL

Esther Williams: M$MRMAD

Oscar Levant: NUROTIC

Mike Wallace: COME ON

Mickey Spillane: MEJURY

Kevin McCarthy: URNEXT

Sarah Vaughan: SASSY

Audrey Hepburn: CLASSY

Jayne Mansfield: CHASSIS

Lucille Ball: LUVLUCY

Lawrence Welk: AH1&AH2

Mel Blanc: WHUPDOC

Johnny Otis: HANJIVE

Ted Williams: SPLNDID

Gorgeous George: PRIMDON

Marlon Brando: DON COR

Luciano Pavarotti: ENCORE

Morey Amsterdam: YUKAPUK

Billy Preston: 0FROM0

Lynn Redgrave: GEORGY

Dorothy Provine: FLAPPER

Pernell Roberts: TRAPPER

William Powell: DAPPER

Pearl Bailey: 22TANGO

Boris Karloff: FRITMAN

Patty Andrews: BEI MIR

Bela Lugosi: MY BIER

Charles Laughton: HAMMY

Al Jolson: MAMMY

Jackie Gleason: 2THMOON

Art Carney: SHEESH

Warren Zevon: XCITBOY

Glenn Ford: 3102UMA

Ferlin Husky: GONE

Claudette Colbert: LFTFACE

Groucho Marx: BETYRLF

Ernest Borgnine: MCHALE

Count Basie: 1AMJUMP

Hugh Herbert: WOOWOO

Peter Lorre: M

Bob Denver: GILISLE

Fredric March: JEK-HYD

Gloria Swanson: IAMBIG

James Brown: HRDWORK

Ken Kesey: ONEFLEW

Billy Gilbert: ACHOO!

Warner Oland: CHACHAN

Charlie Chaplin: LITRAMP

Tallulah Bankhead: HICAMP

Peter Falk: RUMPLED

Anne Francis: HONEYW

Mitch Miller: SNGALNG

Betty Friedan: MSTIQUE

Ingmar Bergman: 7THCL

Fred Astaire: TOP HAT

Arnold Stang: TOP CAT

Sammy Davis Jr.: HEPCAT

Harry Blackstone: HOCUS

Richard Avedon: FOCUS

Rex Harrison: DRDOLIT

Dennis Hopper: EASYRDR

Ann Sheridan: OOMPH

Jack LaLanne: WORKOUT

Jackie Wilson: BABWKOT

Jim Backus: MRMAGOO

Carmen Miranda: TUTFRUT

Phil Harris: DOWADIT

Alice Faye: ULNVRNO











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