Namelies 5

Below is another group of Namelies, my version of the 1960s word game introduced in Mad. This time I use active names of living and deceased personalities in the field of show business.

The fresh air that got Christopher Walken also made Fredric March.

Will Tom Tryon a suit after he sees what Rip Torn?

Would Lee Grant Johnny Cash?

Hayley Mills while Phyllis Coates.

Will Robert Plant after he sees Claire Bloom?

Would a trip to the beauty parlor leave Deborah Harry and Grace Slick?

We know what made Alice Ghostley, but why was Lola Albright?

Was Jane Fonda watching Victor Mature?

Will Michael Caine him just to make John Hurt?

Stan Getz the point when he tries to Buck Owens.

Does Tuesday Weld while Jeremy Irons?

In the country is where Gabby Hayes and James Woods.

Would Larry Fine her if he saw Audrey Totter across the deck?

Did Raquel Welch on the bet that made Tom Petty?

I Hope Lange gets here in time to Judge Reinhold.       

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