Namelies 4

     Here is another set of Namelies, my version of the 1960s word game using names of living and deceased personalities from show business, sports, and literature. 

Could Sean Penn a screenplay that would help James Garner an Oscar? 

Did William Gass the Buick before he let Tommy Tune it? 

Would Tom Cruise to the airport to see Joan Jett out of sight? 

Herman Wouk his wife after he heard Sheryl Crow. 

Would Chevy Chase Jamie Farr? 

If Annie Potts the flowers, will Winston Groom the horses? 

Does Ezra Pound what Robert Graves? 

Was Ron Moody because he saw Thomas Pynchon his wife? 

They wanted to Spike Jones while Clive Staples Lewis. 

Would Vincent Price what Barry Bonds? 

When Lee Majors in English, he won’t want to hear Tori Spelling. 

Will Barbara Steele what Ernie Banks? 

If he saw Robert Service the cars, would Wilson Pickett? 

Could George Orwell after Wade Boggs down?


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