Past Imperfect 4

 More speculations for revisionists to consider: 

What if John Dillinger had been tipped off that FBI agents were waiting for him outside and decided to stay inside the Biograph Theater? During the next week’s newsreel would he have said, “Here’s where I don’t get shot”? 

What if Archimedes found the principle of unspecific gravity instead of specific gravity? Would he have leaped out of the tub and shouted, “I don’t know what I just discovered and I can’t describe it”? 

What if the gold rush to the West Coast had occurred 51 years later? Would the NFL team be known as the San Francisco OhOhers? 

What if, in his famous painting, James Whistler had painted a close-up of the model’s lips instead of a side view of her sitting in a chair? Would that work of art be known as “Mother’s Whistler”? 

What if as a child Steven Spielberg had enjoyed comedy films rather than serials? Would the first Indiana Jones movie had been Raiders of the Lost Punchline

What if a diary kept by one of the seaman on Sebastian Cabot’s failed expedition in 1509 was found? Would the real cause of the crew’s mutiny be revealed in an entry that begins “If he says ‘Time to go to bed now, Buffy and Jody’ one more time…”? 

What if a hall tree had fallen on Fibber McGee’s closet the night before a broadcast and no one was around to hear it? Would it have made a sound effect?         


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