Questions to Ponder 4

More questions that seem to float to the surface in the middle of the night:

How did Abbe Lane ever get into those dresses? 

Was there ever a time during the filming of To Have and Have Not when Lauren Bacall told Humphrey Bogart he should just whistle if he wanted anything that he whistled and Lassie came on the set? 

Am I being unpatriotic if I remember the Alamo and Pearl Harbor but forget theMaine? 

If a musician who plays the flute is a flautist, what do we call someone who flauts? 

What do the people who hold up checkout lines to write out a check for $2.19 keep in their wallets? Pressed flowers? 

Does Hugh Hefner have a lust for life or is that just his goal? 

If the trend toward extending the postseason in sports continues, will there come a year when the only team that will not make the playoffs is Borax’s twenty mules? 

Why didn’t Gabby Hayes ever get his teeth fixed? 

Does the National Safety Council keep statistics on paper cuts? 

Have any men named Kenneth ever been accosted by ruffians who demanded “What’s the frequency, Dan Rather?” 

Why do the women in catalogs pose with their feet at right angles to their bodies? 

Is it fair that Crystal Gayle has more hair that she can ever use while I have used more hair than I can ever have?

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