Get a Whiff of This

     Customers who venture into the laundry/deodorizer area of a store who are not surprised by variety of brands may be overcome with the multitude of fragrances available. If the options consisted simply of Original and perhaps Garden or Mint, decisions could be made quickly. But the magnitude of choices is apt to keep shoppers opening bottles and spraying until surrounded by a fog of indecision.

     There are a mountain of choices just with that name, including Mountain Fresh, Mountain Air, Mountain Breeze, Mountain Spring, and CleanMountain. I expect soon to see Mountain Avalanche with an aroma “that will sweep you off your feet.”

     Fresh is another favorite of those naming names: Seaside Fresh, April Fresh, Island Fresh, Fresh Rain, Clean & Fresh, Sparkling Fresh, Fresh Breeze, Fresh Cotton Breeze, Outdoor Fresh, Fresh Spring Waters, Fresh Meadow, Fresh Waters, Fresh Mountain Morning, Fresh Zest. I am still looking for Factory Fresh which will have that new car smell without the $36,000 sticker shock or Fresh Out which comes only in the .2 ounce size that leaves the consumer perpetually in need of more.

     Clean Burst, Clean Breeze, Crystal Clear, Clean Linen, and Clean Springs will appeal to anyone who wants to send soil down the drain. Clean Slate would be my choice for a product that does its job so well you want to start all over again.

     The season associated with cleansing is apparent in the fragrances Spring Sunshine, Spring and Renewal, Spring Breeze, and Spring Blossoms. Someday Autumn Haze may fill rooms with the fragrance of burning leaves and Winter Blast may take our breath away like an Artic gale.

     Quite a few products say it with flowers: Magnolia and Lily, Linen and Lilacs, Lavender Blossom, Field Flowers, Lavender and Vanilla, Green Fern, Lavender and Chamomile, Magnolia and Cherry Blossoms, and Orchid Petals. Expect to see Creeping Charlie with a subtle fragrance that starts slowly but soon takes over the house completely.

     There are fragrances not just for smelling but with names good enough to eat: Caramel Apple, Apple Tango Mango, Cranberry Pear, Apple Cinnamon, Vanilla Passion Fruit, Apple Spice, Citrus Sunburst, Creamy Custard and Blushing Apple, and Lemon Raspberry. Those hungry for more than just bargains may soon be able to start with the soft and gentle wafts of Kumquat Gumbo, dive into Plum Romaine, move on to the beefy yet husky air of Ground Round Cherry, and finish with a sweep of Fudge Filigree or Maple Rhubarb.

     There are products which simulate the outdoors feeling by taking customers all over the out of doors: Ocean Blue, Hawaiian Aloha, Brazilian Carnival, New Zealand Springs, Hawaiian Breeze. There still is room for Monsoon Magic that leaves the user with that refreshing, “drenched all over” feeling and Coastal Kelp which gives off the zesty odor of piquant seaweed. Look for more localized scents coming to a store near you: Roswell Rendezvous, Keokuk Carnation, Fargo Frangipani, Omaha Oak Moss, Bemidji Bergamot, and Missoula Milkweed.    

     If After the Rain is discontinued, I would suggest replacing it with After the Flood for those really tough laundry items that are as soiled as Sodom and Gomorrah.

     Some of the fragrances seem as intent on capturing a mood as buyers with enticing names like Tropical Passion, Super Scent, Sunny Days, Renewed Sprit, Enchanted Evening, Angel Whispers, and Relaxing Moments. Specialists in niche marketing should leap right in with Rustic Harmony for the outdoors type, Pickled Bliss for the home canner, Ginger Peachy for optimists, and Sublime Lethargy for the indolent.

     Let us hope the cloud of exotic names does not drift from the detergent aisle toward the checkout lanes. After all the choices we have had to make just filling our carts, we do not need to hear one more from a cheery clerk: “Patchouli Paper or Honeysuckle Plastic?”    


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