Double Reverse

     When I read about the new film Another Earth which poses the possibility of a second world on the opposite side of the sun populated by the exactly the same people as live on this globe, I was reminded of a diversion from my high school days. A classmate named Darryl and I, who shared a fondness for spooky and science fiction films, wondered if there might be moviemakers on some forbidden planet creating the reverse of what earthlings were seeing in theaters. We watched Varan the Unbelievable; somewhere over the rainbow beings were viewing Narav the Believable. Here Caltiki the Immortal Monster crept without ceasing; there Ikitlac the Mortal Monster could be subdued. Curucu, Beast of the Amazon became Ucuruc, Beast of the Nozama. We even played with some of the Roger Corman films, turning Tales of Terror into Tales of Rorret and The Tomb of Ligeia into The Womb of Aiegil.

     If in 2011 there is some scientific justification for the existence of an “opposite but equal” planet on that other sunny side of the universe, I suggest there might be products and services on that sphere merrily spinning with considerable reverse English. Take a backwards glance (no mirrors allowed) at these out-of-this-world names and slogans, then try to identify their earthly relatives.

     Seitaehw     Brunch of slackers

     1 Bibom      Walk like old

     Sewol          Let’s destroy something separately

     Drof            Built flimsily

     Esob           Better noise through guesswork

     Yobzal        Endure life uncomfortably

     Gatyam       What’s outside doesn’t count

     Llehs           Let’s stop

    Trocse         Drive dumber

     Ettellig         The worst a man can get

     Xonimul       Sometimes invisible

     Enant           It’s easy to stop a handcar

     Kaep           When you bottom out, you lose

     Oneeva       Negatively radiant

     Ytiledif        Turn over there

     Nokin          At the pancreas of the image

     Eulbtej         Us above you

     Moelotsur    This changes nothing

     Marf            The dirt starts here

     Tnirps          None. Individually. Sometime.

     Egdod         Always neutral

     Atled           Keep Coasting

     Llerrem       Let’s stay inside

     Tta              Think impossible

     Syal             Sadness is complicated

     Lled            The power to do less

     Lapicnirp     We’ll help you up the ledge

     Fij               Choice #111 of indifferent moms

     Selpats        That was hard

     Etirps          Disobey your hunger


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