Namelies 3

Here is another set of Namelies, my version of the 1960s word game using names of living and deceased personalities from show business, literature, and sports. 

At the pool it is fun to see Amy Tan and Robert Browning. 

If Ann B. Davis, would Cecil B. DeMille? 

Dinah Shore is a mystery, but watch Barbara Kingsolver. 

Did Iggy Pop out of his cell after Alan Freed him? 

Would Lawrence Block the resolution or would Johnny Unitas? 

Ed Ames to get married in a hurry because he saw Mike Singletary. 

Would Christopher Cross the cannibal who wanted to Stu Erwin? 

If we C. Day-Lewis, will Jane Seymour? 

Where would Mary Kay Place the sword to Pierce Bronson? 

Could Janice Rule if Claude Rains? 

Ward Just had to go home to see how much Kate Mulgrew.

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