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Namelies 3

Here is another set of Namelies, my version of the 1960s word game using names of living and deceased personalities from show business, literature, and sports.  At the pool it is fun to see Amy Tan and Robert Browning.  If … Continue reading

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Past Imperfect 3

Some additional historical speculations to consider: What if Neil Armstrong had seen something frightening as he was stepping off that ladder in 1969? Would his historic words have been “A small furry thing over there, a quick exit outta here”?  … Continue reading

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The Flip Side

Anyone reading these postings knows that the subjects selected and opinions expressed differ considerably from those employed by other writers. That is also true when it comes to music because my personal favorite songs are usually not one of the … Continue reading

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Testing at Twilight

     Last year I received an oversized postcard in the mail from a publisher promoting three workbooks designed to be used by students “side-by-side with their own copies of Stephanie Meyer’s books to unlock their vocabulary potential!” The catchy headline … Continue reading

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