Namelies 2

The writers for Mad first unveiled Namelies in margins of issues in the 1960s. Here is another installment of my version of that word game using the names of living and deceased personalities from the fields of show business, sports, and literature.

We saw Nelson Riddle the car with bullets before he made Jimmy Buffett.

Will Gale Storm if Tom Smothers her with kisses?

When he saw Orson Scott Card his brother at the door, it made Philip Roth.

Will Dave Baby Cortez or will Jelly Roll Morton?

In the cannery Mark Spitz while ZaSu Pitts.

Could George Raft where Soupy Sales?

The heat wave made Buster Crabbe and Donald Crisp.

If Sheb Wooley lost, would James Baldwin?

Will Cybill Shepherd the children indoors while Tom Waits outside?

Would Joyce Cary him if he knew what made Neal Hefti?

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