Questions to Ponder 2

     Some more questions that seem to float to the surface in the middle of the night:

Do the people who eat leftover pizza cold in the morning for breakfast have a steaming bowl of corn flakes at bedtime?

How do they stuff pimentos in olives? And why?

Are there watches somewhere still running on Howdy Doody time?

Has there ever been an estate sale anywhere in the United States that did not involve something published by the National Geographic Society?

Is it remotely possible that catalogs which offer for sale those fake rocks meant for hiding house keys might be sent to a burglar’s house?

What would the Smith Brothers look like if they had shaved off their beards?

How would managers of those stores who advertise “You say when to pay” react if I said, “July of 2028”? 

Why is it that anyone who puts on a bicycle helmet immediately looks like Barney Fife?

Which has more soap scum, my shower stall or daytime TV shows?

Do people who make living wills ever designate their philtrums for donation?

What were the first eight plans from outer space?

Am I abnormal because I have never wondered who wrote the book of love?

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