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Namelies 2

The writers for Mad first unveiled Namelies in margins of issues in the 1960s. Here is another installment of my version of that word game using the names of living and deceased personalities from the fields of show business, sports, and … Continue reading

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Past Imperfect 2

Some more historical speculations for revisionists to consider: What if Samuel Clemens had been born out west and grew up around livery stables instead of near steamships along the Mississippi River? Would his pen name have been Harry Fetlock? What … Continue reading

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In the Doggerel House 2

Some apposite verses now that spring is in the air and sports very much on the airwaves: Frost wrote in Sports Illustrated that corruption Should not rob college sports of its special gloss; He would be turning over in his grave if … Continue reading

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Questions to Ponder 2

     Some more questions that seem to float to the surface in the middle of the night: Do the people who eat leftover pizza cold in the morning for breakfast have a steaming bowl of corn flakes at bedtime? How do … Continue reading

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The Write Stuff

     Almost everyone has seen the advertisements in magazines promoting the Ernest Hemingway Collection. Those ads encourage consumers to “Live the Legend” by purchasing everything from furniture and flooring to shoes and planters, all inspired by the writings of the famous novelist. … Continue reading

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