On the Screen On the Air On My Mind

   Since 1989 I have written numerous articles about movies and radio programs. A collection of these revised articles along with some new stories and essays has recently been published by BearManor Media. The front cover of On the Screen On the Air On My Mind is shown above.

   Opening the book is like strolling down memory lane. Laugh at the antics of Abbott and Costello, the Bowery Boys, Red Skelton, and Jerry Colonna. Sing along with Al Jolson, Jimmy Durante, Betty Hutton, and Danny Kaye. Creep down spooky corridors with Boris, Bela, Vincent, Peter, and two Lon Chaneys. Relive those early years of television with Lucy, Joan Davis, Ernie Kovacs, Eve Arden, and William Bendix. Hear Bob Hope tell his life story and peek at a script meant for his eyes only. Say the secret word with Groucho. Savor the nonpareil personalities of Stan Freberg, Tallulah Bankhead, and Henry Morgan. Applaud the unheralded talents of Jack Carson, Gale Gordon, Arnold Stang, Frank Lovejoy, Gabby Hayes, J. Carrol Naish, Iris Adrian, and Sandra Gould. Watch the fragile psyches of Gene Tierney and Alan Ladd curtail their careers. Hunt clues with Basil Rathbone and Howard Duff. Listen to the finest movie music while sitting in the best seats in the house to review the Perry Mason films, a pair of neglected 1940s comedies, and a cavalcade of B pictures. Tune in to Fibber McGee and Molly, The Great Gildersleeve, The Jack Benny Program, and a dozen other stops along the radio dial. Bring back those days of playing with Tom Mix premiums and of reading Big Little Books and Photoplay editions. Drive once more by those witty Burma-Shave signs. Be captivated again by the hypnotic enticements in the Johnson Smith catalogs. Enjoy playful stories focusing on Alfred Hitchcock, Miss Brooks, and Sam Spade, then ponder some speculative thoughts about movies, music, and mores in “Selected Short Subjects” before the lights go up on this magical history tour.

   Illustrated with over 140 images from my personal collection of sheet music, photographs, magazines, premiums, posters, and other show business memorabilia, this nostalgic omnibus belongs on the bookshelves of everyone who fondly remembers the golden age of radio, TV, and motion pictures.

Copies of this 587-page book can be ordered directly from the publisher at www.bearmanormedia.com for $34.95 plus $5.00 shipping.

Autographed copies can be purchased from me at the same price ($39.95). US orders only. With each order sent directly to me I include a complimentary original arcade card and an original Dixie Cup lid, each featuring a photograph of a screen star and each dating from the 1935-1955 period. A sample Dixie Cup lid and arcade card are shown below. For more information about the book and this offer contact me at wistful79vista@hotmail.com.


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