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    At one time in the 1960s the editors of Mad gave their readers a bonus by including word games that ran (and sometimes limped) in the margins of those inky pages. The most delightful of those diversions were Namelies … Continue reading

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Past Imperfect

     Revisionists are fond of painting the pillars of history in a paler shade of gray. Frequently the evidence they offer to support their theories is less than satisfactory. The backward glances I will take from time to time will not offer … Continue reading

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On the Screen On the Air On My Mind

   Since 1989 I have written numerous articles about movies and radio programs. A collection of these revised articles along with some new stories and essays has recently been published by BearManor Media. The front cover of On the Screen On the Air … Continue reading

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Exclamation (Re)Marks!

   We live in an age in which obscenities and vulgar expressions have become so common in the media that they have lost their ability to shock or even surprise. The tendency to blurt out four-letter words in public over … Continue reading

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