Questions to Ponder

Welcome to the grand opening! 

With each posting I will share some reflections about popular culture, literature, or whatever is on my my mind at the time in the form of several paragraphs on a single subject while other days my thoughts may take the form of lists or light verse on a variety of subjects.

To begin, let us consider some of the questions that seem to float to the surface in the middle of the night:

Did the people who put the chicken in the frozen entree I had for supper wash their hands that day?

If Elvis’s twin brother had lived, would he have become an overweight cashier at a restaurant who told customers “Thank you, thank you very much” when they handed him the money?

If I could find the snows of yesteryear, would Rosebud be there with them?

Did Larry Fine of the Three Stooges ever have a good hair day?

Where did children put their drawings before there were refrigerators?

If I prefer not to use antioxidants, where can I buy prooxidants?

Would the cow have jumped over the moon if the cat hadn’t fiddled?

If I did burn a candle at both ends, where could I put it without starting a fire?

How can I recycle dental floss? 

If Kim Carnes and Joe Cocker ever clear their throats, will their careers be over?

Why do babies prefer the flavor of their thumbs to that of their other fingers?

If a meteor crashes through the roof and lands in bed next to me, who will get here first, the police or a reporter for The National Enquirer?

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